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PID Hire - Ion Cub PID monitor

Hire Gas Detectors, Air Quality & Dust Meters at Shawcity - Experts at Your Service

Welcome to the Hire department at Shawcity, your one-stop shop for reliable and affordable instrument rentals. Need gas detectors for confined space entry? Air quality monitors for environmental assessments? Dust meters for construction projects? We have the tools you need to stay safe and compliant.

Discount Structure

Shawcity offers discounts for hiring more than two instruments at a time or hiring instruments for over two weeks.

Please note, if you are hiring multiple instruments over multiple weeks, the one largest single eligible discount will be applied.

No. Instruments hired Discount


No. Weeks Hired Discount
1-2 0% Up to 2 weeks 0%
3-4 5% 2 weeks up to 4 weeks 5%
5-10 10%   4 weeks up to 10 weeks 10%
10+ 20% 10 weeks+ 20%


Try Before You Buy

Shawcity also offers a ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme, where you can trial a specific instrument in your own workplace so you can be confident it is the right one for your team’s needs.

Even better, if you then decide to buy the instrument we’ll send you a brand new one and discount the hire cost from the purchase price.


Hire Quotation

Terms and Conditions


Why Hire an Instrument?

Why would I hire an instrument?

This depends on your postcode, please contact us to enquire. No carrier can guarantee a Saturday delivery to every postcode in the UK.

Selecting a Hire Instrument

I need to hire an instrument but I’m not sure which one would be best?

Our friendly Hire Team and Product Specialist Managers are available to discuss your project with you and advise you on the instrument best suited for any specific task. Just contact us on Tel: 01367 899553 or email hire@shawcity.co.uk for help or advice.

What equipment is included in the hire agreement?

All instruments will be provided in a durable protective case suitable for transportation and use on site. All instruments also come with docks, batteries and charging capability (where applicable), power leads, software, manufacturer manuals and data logging if requested. If you have any questions or specific requirements, please discuss these at the time you arrange your hire.

How long can I hire the instrument for?

The minimum hire period we offer is 3 days, but there is no maximum so you can keep the instrument on hire for as long as you need it. If you already have the instrument on hire, you can contact us to arrange to extend your hire agreement (see Hire Extensions section below).

How much does it cost to hire an instrument?

The cost varies depending on the complexity and value of the instrument. Prices start from £24.00 + VAT per week.

Can I hire an instrument while I wait for delivery of one I have purchased from you?

Yes, we can supply hire instruments in the interim, please contact your local Product Specialist Manager to discuss the available options.


How does Shawcity get the hire instrument to me?

Instruments are sent to you via our courier on a next day delivery if ordered before noon the previous day. If you are really short of time, you also have the option to pick up your hire instrument directly from us in Oxfordshire the same day; providing you contact us in advance to ensure we have it in stock and allow our team enough time to check and prepare it for you.

Can I arrange for the hire instrument to be delivered on a Saturday?

Can I arrange for the hire instrument to be delivered on a Saturday?
This depends on your postcode, please contact us to enquire. No carrier can guarantee a Saturday delivery to every postcode in the UK.


How do I return my hire instrument?

Once you have finished with the instrument you can arrange for your own courier to return it, or we can arrange a courier return to us for a charge.

Can I return my hire early?

Yes, you can. Contact our Hire Team to discuss your requirements before you make any arrangements. If the instrument is received by us a week or more early, we will be able to arrange a refund of the remaining hire costs paid.


Is there any discount for hiring multiple instruments?

Yes, the discount structure is shown below. Please note: We also offer discounts for long-term instrument hire; if you are hiring multiple instruments over multiple weeks, only one discount structure will apply.

Number of Instruments Hired     % Discount Applied

1-2                                                      0%

3-4                                                      5%

5-10                                                    10%

10+                                                     20%

Is there any discount for long-term hire?

Yes, the discount structure is shown below. Please note: We also offer discounts for multiple instrument hires; if you are hiring multiple instruments over multiple weeks, only one discount structure will apply.

Number of Weeks’ Hire                 % Discount Applied

Up to 2 weeks                                  0%

2 weeks up to 4 weeks                  5%

4 weeks up to 10 weeks                10%

10+ weeks                                         20%

Hire Reminders

What happens if I forget to send the hire instrument back in time?

Our Hire Team will send you a reminder when your hire agreement is coming to an end and will ask if i) you require a hire extension ii) you are making arrangements to return the instrument or iii) you would like us to arrange collection of the instrument. Any instruments received at Shawcity more than three days after the agreed hire period has ended will be charged additional hire fees.

Hire Extensions

I need the instrument for longer than I thought, do I need to arrange a new hire?

No, simply contact us in writing to request an extension of hire if your usage is going to exceed your original hire period. Please provide us with another PO or approval to use the original PO in writing.

Product Demonstrations & Training

Can you advise me how to use the instrument once I’ve hired it?

All hire instruments come with full manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you haven’t hired a particular instrument before, we recommend you speak with one of our Product Specialist Managers to make sure it’s the right tool for the job. They can then offer a demonstration and product training if required. If you need any further help, you can contact our Hire Team on Tel: 01367 899553 or email: hire@shawcity.co.uk who will be able to advise you on any particular issues or concerns you have.

In-hire Technical Support

What if I have a technical problem with the instrument while I have it on hire?

If you have any concerns about using the instrument, you can contact us to ask for advice or help. For example, we can help you check the unit is functioning correctly over the phone. If we establish there is a problem with the instrument, we will immediately despatch a replacement free of charge and arrange for the faulty instrument to be returned to us with no cost to you.

Instrument Data

How do I download the data I’ve recorded on the instrument?

At the outset of hire, the Hirer will request data logging intervals if required. Software to download data is always provided with each hire instrument. However, if the Hirer is unable to download the data, Shawcity can download it when the instrument is returned and forward the data to the Hirer. However, this MUST be requested prior to the Hire being returned to ensure the data is saved.

Do you offer a data interpretation service?

No, we don’t. But if you need this type of service you can arrange for a certified occupational hygiene professional to interpret your data for you. It is best to discuss your requirements with them before you hire the instrument, so they can advise you on the best type of equipment and set up needed to capture the specific data you want.

Loss or Damage

What if the instrument gets damaged or lost while I’m hiring it?

Please notify Shawcity immediately to report any loss or damage to the equipment. If an instrument is damaged during a hire, the Hirer may be liable for all works necessary to repair or, if necessary, replace the instrument. A decision will be made at the discretion of Shawcity.

If an instrument is lost, Shawcity will continue to charge the Hirer the full cost of hire for the equipment until the instrument is found and returned. If the instrument cannot be found, the Hirer shall be liable for the cost of replacing the equipment hired. The value of the instrument is included on the quote and can be referred to for insurance purposes.

Do I need to arrange insurance to cover the instrument while I have it?

Yes, we would recommend you have insurance in place which will cover the instrument whilst with you and also in transit to or from us if using your own courier, as you would be liable for any loss or damage during this time. Most business insurance policies should cover hired goods, but it’s best to check the details of your particular policy for your own peace of mind.