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Gully Howard M500 Occupational Hygiene Training: Boost Your Career in 2024

Learn the essential skills needed to become a qualified occupational hygienist with Shawcity's comprehensive M500 courses, delivered in partnership with Gully Howard Technical.

Master asbestos surveying, air quality monitoring, and more with online and in-person training options. Secure your spot on a 2024 program and launch your career in this growing field. Contact us today!

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Need a flexible meeting space? Our training room transforms into a comfortable boardroom, accommodating up to 12 guests. A large TV screen keeps everyone engaged, perfect for presentations or online meetings.



Considering purchasing or hiring instruments? Want an overview of current practices and available instruments? Our ‘Awareness Workshops’ could be the perfect solution for you.



Shawcity provides a ‘Certificate of Competence’ training program for all the instruments in our portfolio. Our comprehensive training includes both Operator and Supervisor levels. The Operator level covers the basic usage of the instrument, while the Supervisor level extends to include basic troubleshooting and data downloading capabilities.


Looking for a hands-on experience with our products? Our Shawcity specialists, located throughout the UK, are ready to provide a complimentary demonstration at your convenience. We’ll coordinate a visit tailored to your schedule and location, ensuring your business needs are met.

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