QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester
QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester
QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester
QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester
QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester
QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester


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Product Code: 9519-4200

QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester

Exclusively available from Shawcity in the UK, this is the industry breakthrough in mask-fit technology.

QuantiFit2 utilises simple air and controlled negative pressure (CNP) to directly measure respirator leakage and unlike other technologies does not require consumables such as alcohol solutions, wicks and probes.

It can also be used in any environment - indoor/outdoor, clean/dirty - as long as air is present, so no longer any need for lighted candles, blowing salt fog or filtration systems.

The first truly portable quantitative fit testing solution, QuantiFit2 can run on battery power for over four hours per battery so can be used anywhere indoors or taken outdoors on site.
PLEASE NOTE: The battery is an optional extra and can be ordered separately, using product code: 3010-4023.

CNP as a method of fit testing is referenced in UK HSE Standards EN132-149 & INDG 479.


Benefits of OHD QuantiFit2 include:

  • Test Anywhere: With patented CNP technology, users can perform fit testing in any environment: outside, inside, dirty environments or clean. As long as the air is present, the QuantiFit2 can perform fit testing.
  • No Consumables or Probing: Unlike older technologies that require particles, wicks, and alcohol solutions, the QuantiFit2 simply needs air for testing. 
  • Battery Power: Rechargeable battery packs are available with more than four hours of active run time. Combining this with no requirements for test environment and no use of consumables means the QuantiFit2 is more portable than any other fit testing equipment on the market.
  • Fastest Fit Test: A test can be performed in as little as two minutes with no waiting period for smokers or after eating as required with older fit test methods.
  • Ease of Use: The QuantiFit2 takes users through the protocol step-by-step. There is no instrument warm-up period and the one-minute daily verification ensures that the QuantiFit2 is working within a strict tolerance.
  • Direct Measurement of Leak: The unit precisely measures leak rate (in cc/min) by determining the exact amount of air that leaks into the respirator during the fit test. 
  • AutoStart: The QuantiFit2 automatically senses when the user has initiated a breath-hold and begins the test exercise. This allows for touchless testing and even easier operation.
  • Interactive Troubleshooting: Each test exercise graph is captured for review, which allows users to compare results to example support graphs.  
  • Colour Touch Screen Display: Animated instructions guide users through an interactive test experience.
  • Multiple Donnings: CNP is the only fit testing technology in the world that uses multiple donnings within the fit test protocol. Multiple donnings ensure that users know how to consistently don the respirator correctly.
  • OHD Logic: Revolutionary new software allows users to run countless machines simultaneously with flexibility on the individual start time for any test. Standard Bluetooth® allows testing to happen from across the room.


Technical Documents for the Quantifit.

These articles will help with any further FAQs. You can also, of course, contact our technical team who will be able to assist further, call 01367 889553.

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ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certification ensures that equipment is fit for use within explosive atmospheres and is supplied with adequate information to ensure it can be used safely.

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