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How often do I need to calibrate my instrument?

In simple terms, the usual recommendation is that gas detection instruments are serviced and calibrated at least once a year, depending on the technology and the manufacturer. However, it is less well known that ATEX, IEC and British HSE standards all call for the bump test and calibration of any portable instrument used for worker health and safety protection in a potentially hazardous environment. That means before every use.

Shawcity offers a full range of bump test and calibration gas for testing portable and fixed gas detectors.

Available in 34, 57 and 103 litre cylinders, we stock a wide variety of ready to use gases, with accessories and adaptors to help make bump testing your instrument as straight forward as possible. We also stock mixed calibration gases for instruments that require bump testing with more than one gas.

Our trusted calibration gas supplier Calgaz have recently published useful help and advice for anyone who uses calibration or bump test gas:


Are you contaminating your equipment?

Calgaz recommends using a specific regulator for individual gas applications, to avoid cross-contamination. Calgaz has a range of brass, stainless steel and hybrid regulators designed to meet your needs.


Is your equipment past its shelf life?

Calgaz recommends changing regulators every two years, to ensure optimum performance.


Have you checked for wear and tear?

Worn regulators can allow air or moisture ingress, so please check the condition of your equipment regularly.


Do you have special applications?

Calgaz offers a custom regulator service to help you better service your customers' specialist needs. Contact your distributor for a further discussion of your requirements.


Did you know?

Calgaz has the largest and most comprehensive range of high quality regulators and equipment in the industry worldwide.

The Calgaz range of gas and accessories is available via Shawcity and as a key distributor we are well-placed to answer any questions you may have on calibration gas or bump testing.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or technical questions: or Tel: 01367 899553.

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