Shawcity Expands Fixed Gas Detection Team

Experts in all things gas detection since 1976, Shawcity is one of the UK’s leading Fixed Gas detection system specialists. Already trusted by thousands of businesses across the UK and Ireland, the team is continuing to expand to keep up with growing demand.


Working in applications across oxygen depletion and/or enrichment, VOCs, toxic and explosive gas environments, Shawcity is focused on innovation with the ability to seamlessly blend different manufacturer technologies depending on individual customer requirements.


Typical customers can range from manufacturing, industrial, construction sites and boiler houses through to oil and gas, laboratories and universities. Every project is totally unique and benefits from the consultative approach Shawcity brings.


ISO 9001-2015 certified, Shawcity provides a complete bespoke service with in-house teams dedicated to surveys, system design and installation and also commissioning and ongoing maintenance. An independent supplier, Shawcity’s manufacturer partners include Crowcon, GDS Technologies, Honeywell and Ion Science.


Cost-effective Service Plans offer peace of mind that the right maintenance programme is in place following installation and competitive pricing can be locked-in for as long as five years in advance.


To arrange a complimentary site survey for a thorough assessment of your current or future fixed system detection requirements, contact Shawcity to book an appointment with our experts.    


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