Maintaining and Servicing Your Fixed Gas System

What is a fixed gas detection system?

Fixed gas detection systems are permanent installations designed to provide continuous monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments, from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications. These can include applications such as breweries, automotive environments, waste control centres, multi-storey car parks, chilled plant rooms, packaging, manufacturing and petrochemical processes. Gas detection systems are designed to alert workers to potential dangers including toxic gas exposure, oxygen depletion/enrichment or an explosive risk caused by the presence of combustible gases.

Complete protection

Many fixed gas systems can be connected into existing management control and safety systems across a site. Alongside gas detection, relays can be activated to perform several functions including closing electronic valves, opening/closing of ventilation systems and exhaust fans, as well as activating visual and audible alarms.

Bespoke installation

Most often, fixed systems are bespoke. Completing a comprehensive site survey before installing a fixed system helps to optimise the system performance whilst ensuring the logistics of the installation run smoothly.

How often should you maintain a fixed gas system?

Following installation, ongoing servicing and maintenance of any fixed system is essential. It is usually recommended that a fixed system should be serviced and calibrated every six months. Fixed gas systems require regular servicing to ensure all components such as sensors, alarms and control panels are performing accurately. Shawcity also offers products, such as the Xgard Bright by Crowcon, which require zero calibration for five years.

Shawcity provides a flexible range of fixed-point detectors. We can design, commission, install and service standard and bespoke systems to suit any application or requirement.

The Benefits of Shawcity

We partner world-leading manufacturers to ensure we have the most comprehensive independent offer for our customers. For your peace of mind, we are accredited members of the Safe Contractor scheme, and all our engineers are CSCS and SSSTS certified. Shawcity is also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Service Plans

Service plans offer fixed gas system owners various levels of inclusive support such as emergency call-outs and telephone advice. Having pre-arranged service cover in place is not only cost-effective, but it ensures a safe and efficient ongoing maintenance programme has already been budgeted for. Shawcity service plan packages offer support for any size or configuration of fixed gas systems.

If you’d like any further information or to arrange a free site survey, please contact or Tel: 01367 780919


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