Are You in Search of Reliable Oxygen Gas Sensors?

In the current global market, there are currently some supply chain issues, so it's reassuring to know that a dependable and trusted alternative is available. The Honeywell 4OxV 4 Series oxygen sensor is a high-quality, robust solution that often serves as a direct drop-in replacement for other 4 Series oxygen sensors.




A Global Leader in Gas Sensors.

Honeywell is a household name when it comes to gas sensors, boasting a wide range of technologies, including Electrochemical, Flammable, and NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensors. Among its offer, the City Technology name stands out for its commitment to quality and continuous improvement, as well as an extensive product portfolio.


Key Features of the 4OxV Sensor


The Honeywell 4OxV oxygen sensor offers a multitude of benefits that make it a preferred choice in various applications:


  • Wide Range:

    The sensor covers an oxygen concentration range from 1 to 25%, making it versatile for diverse applications.


  • False Alarm Immunity:

    It is engineered with robust false alarm immunity, ensuring accurate and dependable readings in critical scenarios.


  • Enhanced Response Times:

    In extreme conditions, where quick and precise oxygen level detection is vital, the 4OxV sensor excels by delivering enhanced response times.


  • Superior Environmental Performance:

    This sensor is designed to thrive in various environmental conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Reliable Operating Life:

    Honeywell's 4OxV sensor is known for meeting or exceeding its stated operating life, which is typically a minimum of 24 months when used in air.


Manufactured In The UK


The 4OxV sensor is proudly manufactured in Portsmouth, UK, adhering to Lean and Six Sigma principles. This production process ensures high-quality standards and the flexibility to meet the most demanding production schedules. Honeywell's commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of the sensor's production.


For those seeking more in-depth technical information on the 4OxV sensor or wish to explore its specifications further, [click here].


The reliability of oxygen sensors is paramount and Honeywell's 4OxV 4 Series sensor stands as a dependable and technologically advanced solution, backed by the reputation of a global leader in gas sensor technology. Whether you require precision in industrial processes or safety in critical environments, the 4OxV sensor is the right choice. 


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