Top 10 Reasons to Choose Shawcity as Your Service Centre Partner

It is vital to maintain your gas detection instrumentation fleet to ensure it is always functioning correctly and protecting your employees against potentially dangerous or life-threatening conditions in the workplace. Did you know that regular maintenance according to manufacturer guidelines, will also protect your warranty plus extend the life of your instrument?

In this article, we explain common terminology and also look at why Shawcity is the smart choice for your long-term Service & Calibration partnership.

What is Bump Testing?

A bump test is a manufacturer-recommended quick check to ensure gas detection instrument sensors and alarms are all functioning correctly before the instrument is deployed. It’s important to note that just observing a zero reading after switching an instrument on does not necessarily indicate it is functioning properly.

During a bump test, calibration gas is applied for long enough to make the sensor(s) alarm, to ensure that gas is reaching the sensor that both the sensor and alarm are functioning correctly. Single or mixed calibration gas blends are available to buy, suitable for single or multi-gas instruments. Each bump test costs just a few pence, takes just 15-20 seconds and can be carried out in-house or out on site. Contact Shawcity to discuss your requirements, we have hundreds of calibration gas variants available for a wide range of applications.

What is Calibration?

A calibration is a “resetting” of the detector’s response against a known target. In the case of a gas detection instrument, it determines the relationship between the detector’s reading and the actual concentration of a target gas, ensuring it is accurate. Adjustment involves modification of the detector’s response to bring the reading into line with manufacturer guidelines.

A certificate is issued each time your instrument is factory calibrated. When this expires it needs to be done again, regardless of how much it has been used in the interim.

How often do I need to calibrate my instruments?

Most instruments should be calibrated and serviced at least once a year, regardless of how often they are used. Some instruments will have different requirements, but either Shawcity or the manufacturer will be able to offer advice on your specific device.

Circumstances which may mean your instrument needs a calibration in between annual checks include drops or heavy knocks, an electrical surge, moisture, long exposure to extreme temperatures or if you suspect for any reason that the readings may not be correct or consistent.

Why would my instrument need a repair?

In real life, gas detection instruments can get damaged through day-to-day use. They get knocked, fall on hard surfaces or dropped in the dirt. In more extreme cases, they can even be run over by a vehicle or .

So, why choose Shawcity to support you with your service, calibration and repair needs? Here’s our top ten list

In-house technical knowledge acquired over 45+ years

With over 45+ years of experience, Shawcity has developed extensive in-house technical knowledge. This deep expertise allows them to provide valuable insights and solutions to their customers. Through continuous learning and adaptation, Shawcity has become a trusted authority in monitoring instrumentation and technology. Their expertise knowledge ensures that customers receive the most reliable and up-to-date information and solutions for their monitoring needs.

Manufacturer- approved service centre, Warranty protection for your instrument & UKAS and ATEX certification

We pride ourselves on being able to fully support the products we sell through our manufacturer-approved Oxfordshire Service Centre – guaranteeing top-quality servicing and maintenance for monitoring instruments.

Calibration, service, and repair work is undertaken by our manufacturer-trained and approved engineers. We help facilitate UKAS and ATEX certified services and calibrations, meaning you can rest assured any work undertaken is with the full authority of the manufacturer and also, importantly, within the terms of your warranty.

Our service team are dedicated and dependable when it comes to restoring instruments to peak performance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing accuracy and reliability. The engineers will inspect and test your equipment before sending you a report, detailing exactly what work is required, what costs will be involved in ensuring it is compliant and an idea of turnaround time. Any work that needs to be undertaken will always be approved by you first, so you are always in control. Our engineers will also thoroughly clean your instrument before returning it to you, all part of the service.

We also stock a large range of spares, accessories and consumables so we’re equipped to support your business requirements.

Free fleet management support services and unlimited ongoing technical support

Our added-value partnerships with our customers extend to free fleet management, including helpful service reminders, arranging hires and advance notice of any manufacturer end of life or obsolescence issues. Everything is designed to ensure you have an efficient fleet and minimal downtime.

We offer free, unlimited, and impartial advice and support throughout the entire process of instrument selection and ownership or hire. From selecting the correct instrument for the job to after sales care, we are always here when you need us.

Interim hire options for zero downtime  

Ensuring instruments are regularly serviced and calibrated can inevitably create some downtime. If required, Shawcity has a wide range of instruments available to hire while your instrument is at our service centre. We will arrange for a hire instrument to be sent to you in advance and collected once you have received your instrument back from us, ensuring no lost working time.

Field engineer site visits by arrangement

We also offer on-site visits where one of our field engineers will service, calibrate or repair fixed gas detection systems or instrument fleets. For more information or to discuss your requirements, contact: or call: 01367 899419.

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