Truly Portable Fit Testing with QuantiFit2

The latest version of the revolutionary mask-fit tester, which uses patented controlled negative pressure (CNP) technology, is packed with improved features and benefits.

Set to disrupt the fit testing industry once again, QuantiFit2 now has a rechargeable battery with more than four hours of active run time meaning complete freedom for the location of fit tests, for the first time ever. The unit can be used literally anywhere for minimal interruption to working routines, indoors or outdoors, with no reliance on any test environment requirements.


Other quantitative fit testing technologies, such as the aerosol particle counting (APC) method, require strictly controlled indoor test environments, often having to create artificial particles to replicate the required conditions. Unlike other technologies, QuantiFit2 also does not require consumables such as alcohol solutions, wicks and probes, keeping the cost of ownership and maintenance costs low.

A key new feature is the colour touchscreen, which displays clear instructions and animations which give clear instructions and guide subjects through each step of the test. The test sequence itself adheres to the HSE protocol referenced in INDG 479.

The new autostart function also dispenses with the need for a push button and therefore helps to reduce contact. The unit will automatically sense when the subject takes a deep breath outside of normal breathing behaviour as instructed and will start the fit test. Testers also have the option of using the Start button on the new touchscreen if preferred.

From arrival on site, QuantiFit2 is ready to use within two minutes following a simple power-up and efficient daily verification. No time-consuming set up of the test environment or warm-up period for the unit is necessary.

The new OHD Logic software enables testers to run numerous units simultaneously from one PC, with the flexibility of individual test start times and speeding up a group testing. QuantiFit2’s Bluetooth capabilities make it perfect for remote testing with an improved memory capacity now offering unlimited data storage and result viewable on a laptop or mobile device. 


It is the only technology that offers quantitative fit testing outdoors, which is a healthier, more ventilated environment, and its cordless autostart function brings contact down to a minimum, helping to maintain a consistent 2m social distance in the test environment.

QuantiFit2 is exclusively available from Shawcity in the UK and Ireland. For more information or to request a demonstration please call 01367 899553 or email:

For more product information, click here:  QuantiFit2

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