How Alert PRO Safeguards Workers from Asbestos

Do you suspect asbestos at your worksite? 


First and foremost, if you suspect asbestos is present in your place of work, don't disrupt the materials. Leave them undisturbed and avoid any activities that could release fibres. Identify and assess the situation using HSE online tools or by contacting a licensed asbestos surveyor. The HSE website has comprehensive guidance and resources, including a list of qualified contractors for handling high-risk asbestos. Remember, early action is vital in minimising exposure risk. You can also reach out to the HSE to report a health and safety issue in a workplace or public space in England, Scotland or Wales. 


Alert PRO being used as a perimeter monitor to detect potential 'leaks' and minimise further contamination


What is Alert PRO and how does it protect workers from asbestos?


Alert PRO is a revolutionary, real-time asbestos detection system that acts as a first line of defence for worker safety. It is the world’s first and only device which can detect and distinguish airborne asbestos in real-time, with a 99.7% confidence rate. Using patented technology that harnesses the power of light-scattering as well as the paramagnetic qualities of asbestos fibres, it continuously monitors for airborne asbestos, providing instant alerts if levels exceed safe limits. This allows workers to take immediate action, such as additional protective equipment or evacuating the area, which minimises their exposure risk and chances of further contamination.Alert PRO can be deployed to pinpoint the location of suspected asbestos sources, enabling targeted sampling and informing a comprehensive inspection by a qualified professional. This targeted approach streamlines the inspection process, reduces unnecessary disruption, and ultimately ensures a safer environment for everyone involved. The unit can also be deployed in the area surrounding any work with known asbestos, to ensure neighbouring spaces are not being contaminated.



How does Alert PRO comply with HSE and UK regulations?


While Alert PRO is a powerful tool for proactive safety, it's important to remember it's not a replacement for the traditional air sampling mandated by laws like the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012). Alert PRO complements these mandatory procedures by providing real-time data that can inform sampling schedules, identify high-risk areas and ensure workplace control measures are effective. Time-stamped data can help to identify activities which may be contributing to asbestos fibre release. Ultimately, it helps employers fulfil their legal duty to protect workers by identifying the presence of asbestos without having to wait for samples to be analysed. Combining Alert PRO with existing safety protocols creates a comprehensive defence against asbestos exposure that prioritises the well-being of your team.



What are the benefits of real-time asbestos monitoring compared to traditional methods?


Traditional air sampling offers a snapshot of average exposure levels at a specific point in time. This often misses peaks in fibre release caused by certain activities, leaving workers vulnerable. Alert PRO's real-time data pinpoints these spikes, enabling targeted interventions and better protection. Additionally, it provides instant actionable data, unlike traditional methods that may take hours or days to yield results.

How does Alert PRO empower informed decision-making?


Real-time cloud access grants you instant insights into asbestos levels. This data allows you to:

  • Identify high-risk zones: Pinpoint areas (and times) where fibre release is happening, allowing you to prioritise control measures.
  • Optimise work processes: Demonstrate that modified work practices have reduced fibre release to protect workers more effectively.
  • Adjust safety protocols dynamically: Use real-time data to adapt your safety protocols to accurate exposure levels, ensuring maximum protection.
  • Supply Data for Review: Alert PRO simplifies data management for various stakeholders with its efficient software.

Does Alert PRO notify anyone besides the onsite team?


Absolutely! Alert PRO sends instant notifications via SMS, email, and even third-party apps to an unlimited number of designated team members, including supervisors, safety officers, or external regulators. This ensures everyone is immediately informed of potential risks and can take appropriate action.

Where can I learn more about Alert PRO and acquire it?


Both Alert PRO Connect and Standard models are readily available for purchase or hire. Visit this link for more information and to order yours today:

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